I have a CD. Over half the tunes are traditional and the others are new. I recorded with great musicians like Geoff Seitz, Chirps Smith, Garry Harrison, Fred Campeau, Steve Rosen, Marc Rennard, Jim Nelson, Pat Egan, Tamara Lowenthal and Catherine Cathers. If you buy it I know you will not be disappointed.  

A review:

5 out of 5 stars One of the best old-time CDs of the past few years
Reviewer: John Salmon, Sugar in the Gourd   (click for website)
"I ordered Dave Landreth's CD Chairs on a hunch, based on his oddball website. Sounded like something I would like but I didn't really know what to expect. Since the CD arrived it has become one of my favorite old-time releases of recent years. Dave's skill on banjo is immediately evident, but there's much more than technique here -- it's a very musical collection of tunes, some new some old, but all memorable and toe tapping, and some surprisingly funky. Enough reading -- go order a copy! You'll be glad you did."

A note from a fan:

"Just got back to Racine and I had to write immediately to express my thoughts on your CD. WOW.... It blew me away. For my entire drive home, nearly 5 hours straight, I just let it recycle in the CD player every time the last tune finished so I could hear it again. I mean it man, your CD is AWESOME. And you my friend, are a total freak. I loved every track, I didn't think there was one that was so-so or mediocre in anyway. The production value is excellent and the whole things just kicks!!! - J. Riley Worrell"


To buy the CD you can order it via PayPal or make a check/money order out to Oceana Productions for $15 

(plus $2 S&H) and send it to:

 Dave Landreth re:Chairs

 1531 Washington Av 8D

 St. Louis, MO 63103

You can also order the CD on line at the following locations:

 Independent Old-Time Music Store

County Sales 

"Landreth, a new name to me, plays a fine old-time banjo here on an excellent 18-tune program (no vocals). Apparently out of the mid-west. He is accompanied by several fine old-time musicians including Jim Nelson, Chirps Smith and fiddlers Gary Harrison and Geoff Seitz. A fine enjoyable old-time album. DEVIL IN THE HAYSTACK, JUNE APPAL, FISHING TIME, GOODBYE GIRLS, CHINQUAPIN HUNTING, LITTLE DOE RUN etc."

Elderly Instruments

"Dave Landreth CHAIRS
Here's yet another world-beater of an album from the rich soil of Illinois/Missouri; some of those ol' boys down there are apt to make us forget about those "other" mountains! This time it's the debut of youngish Dave Landreth, an old-time style banjo picker who sounds like the ghosts of the elders are channeling through his hands, and he's ably accompanied by some of the finest musicians in the region: Fred Campeau, Lynn "Chirps" Smith, Geoff Seitz and a whole array of Ill-Mo boys and girls. Some old chestnuts are mixed in with obscure tunes and some convincing
originals; it's a great new album from an exciting young talent."

CD Baby

"This is high energy Old-time music with 10 traditional and 8 original tunes all in old-time string band style. It has just a bit of an edge while staying true to form. You CAN see the forest for the trees."


Clawhammer banjo wiz with many friends including Geoff Seitz on fiddle, Chirps Smith, Steve Rosen, Fred Campeau, Pat Egan and other favorite Midwestern old-time musicians.

 Welcome To Dave's Page Of Old-time Clawhammer Style Banjo!  


I have purpose.

This is Mike Ramsey's first banjo. Mike makes some of the finest banjos I have ever played. I got this one from him when he was having a weak moment. Kenny Jackson used to own it but traded it in for a new one. Very cool headstock.


This is a Bart Reiter deluxe ride.



I hope you find something of interest here. I have spent along time learning and writing these out.

I've tried to display the tunes in a way that is easy to understand and not muck them up with my own tricks and moves. Everyone has their own way with a tune. I know I do so I left it all out. Interpreting a tune is also a controversy so I tried to leave in enough notes to make it interesting but not so many as to make it for an instrument other than a banjo. It is, after all, a rhythm instrument.

Nothing is free so I've considered my time, cost of the page and the time it has taken to learn the tunes, then called my psychic made a good guess and came up with two bucks a tune.

Here's a list of available tunes. 

Saddle Ol' Kate

Stump Tail Dog

Ol' Bell Cow

Crow Creek

Jack Wilson

Devil In The Haystack

Jimmy In The Swamp

Cora Dye

Granny Does Your Dog Bite

Dog Treed A Possum Up A White Oak Tree

Little Whiskey

Late For The Dance

Natchez Under The Hill

Jump In The Well Pretty Little Miss

One Eyed Jack (I wrote this one)

9th of January (not the 8th)

Old Kentucky Whiskey

Straw Bonnet (Try this tab out).

Tight Line Fishin'

Taste this stuff

Thumpin' On A Well Rope

Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston

I gotta Get A Job

This list will always be added to. I have a bunch of tunes in my head that I'm writing out as I remember them and find time to do it.

Again, the tunes are written out for intermediate players but I think a persistent beginner would get thru some of them. I try to not put my style into the tunes but rather try to simply present the tune. My style is my style and I try to avoid the "my way is the only way" thing. Everyone has their own way of getting around.

Here's the deal. For $2 a piece I will send the tune(s) you want. Just print out and send this letter with the tunes checked that you are interested in along with your name, address and a check,  and when I get your order in the US mail I'll send them to you pronto. (Soon I will be able to e-mail them to you upon receipt of the above info.)

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon. - Dave Landreth

Links to music related stuff:

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Oh my God...The Buckhannon Brothers. Please buy their CD it is timeless.

Dwight Diller Friends and Links - Tab Seidel

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Old-time Music (old-timey music) Tune-book and Songbook

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David Lynch has a most exquisite site for Old-time music.

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Dwight Diller

How about the Dr. Horsehair Music Company

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Chicago Barn Dance Company   

   St Louis FolkFire Music and Dance

Here's a cool page. It's pleasant.

Go visit Gordon Banks Old-time Music page

 Go visit The Fox Valley Folklore Society page. They has an excellent page out of Chicago land.

Childgrove Country Dancers

And never forget the Fiddle Goddess

You gotta check The Black Eyed Susies. Sweet like sugar


What you've all been waiting for! Now available in 8 and 16 oz. sizes


For real!

(It's all gone! More will be available soon)

(to order, click on the bottle)

Back and better than ever - in popular demand - every home should have some - just in time for the holidays!

stay tuned for the upcoming jingle . . .

Banjo Boy's Bath and Body Soap contains an exceptional blend of: 

Marshmallow Root, Nettle Leaf, Jasmine Flower, Alfalfa Leaf, and the essential oils of Patchouli, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Clary Sage and Vetivert blended into an exhilarating base. Banjo Boy's Bath and Body Soap is made locally at Cheryl's Herbs in St. Louis, MO and exclusively available at www.banjoboysbrain.com

And Now......

About men wearing skirts...

After some serious soul searching I still think this is a bad idea. Plus it scares new comers to dance. Think about it boys...it's not all about you.     

And don't kid yourself, it has nothing to do with the Scots or being a well adjusted male. And you guys just have poor taste.

This is a drawing done by my lovely gal pal Catherine Cathers.

This is a photo take of me in my formative years while living in the woods. Photo courteously donated by  Big Foot.

You can e-mail me at Dave@banjoboysbrain.com  with comments, suggestions, requests or links.

Here is some of the bands I play in.

Dave Landreth, Chirps Smith, Tim Foss, Andy Gribble, Dot Kent and our mentor and cook who is not pictured here, J. Riley Worrell.

The Combine


Chirps Smith, Dave Landreth, Fred Campeau and Steve Rosen  have formed The Combine.

 An extremely hard driving band. A collection of some of the best power in old-time musicians today. 



Here is another one.


The VigortonesThe Vigortones -- Lynn "Chirps" Smith, fiddle; Dave Landreth, banjo; and Jim Nelson, guitar -- are veterans of the midwestern old-time music festival and dance circuits. They are a no-nonsense, high energy trio from Chicago (Chirps) and St. Louis (Dave and Jim) who specialize in playing traditional dance tunes that they've collected over the years from senior fiddlers in Southern Illinois and Missouri, and old-time songs they've learned from old 78 records.


People send me things. Sometimes strange things like this:

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Because I of my friends and thier kooky minds I am adding different kinds of links. One that a banjo player will probably  never need. You can never tell though. So, because I care, here is some other cool stuff I stumble across. For those of you who find this either offensive or inappropriate...I don't really care...have a little fun.

If you like Django Reinhart please chaeck this out. Lower right hand corner...unreal

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Salon Tech feature The rumor busters, By Katharine Mieszkowski

Just smile and act nice

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Gold Teeth - Platinum Caps (thanks Chirps)

Honda's New Accord Advertisement, Cog. You MUST see this it took them a month

 The Mad Cowboy. Cowboys are cows too.

Betty Lou's country guitar site

Atomic Neon (Cool people who make neon)

 Here is some REAL trash.

This is my Ausi buddy Michael Keirnan's Vintage Motorcycle site

Great sweaters and funky clothing from our friends at Skif International

Here's a place with some pretty entertaining pages.

Tacky, tackey, tacky

Combine Talk Show Directory

This is just too much fun.

There are strange things out there

Best of the Hubble Space Telescope

Here is  Hubble site with great wallpaper.

The Splendid Table

You can find some good recipes here.

 This is a sight that has mature info and products. (This may not be for everyone.)


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